Don’t bother.

I always thought of going back to ITE for judo training. Then I realised I’m not welcomed back. No one bothers if I came back because I’m not the star player and also I’m not the friendly judo member. So no one cares. How stupid of me to actually think about going back….


Some times I think I’m very vain. The fact that I actually wait for people to like my post in instagram and then count how many likes I have. This is just too stupid. I mean why do I even bother but some times I feel that if there is very little likes, I have this mind set to think that damn it my post is stupid.

Seriously Teha?

I don’t know why but I still can’t get over him. Every single day, I force myself to get over him but after 3 months, my mind is still full of him. I just can’t forget about him unless there is someone new to replace him but for now, I just want to meet him. but I don’t think I’m able to meet him.

I’m not prepared.

The past.

I’m still stuck in the past. I truly miss my ITE life. Those day I really had fun in school. I do learn something but there is fun in it. I just miss my ITE life.

*Secondary school was the worst year of my life.

I miss you.

Yes, that’s right. I still do miss you even after 4 months not talking to each other and even though there wasn’t anything serious happen between us. I miss you. You know what I’m gonna do when I meet you? I mean if I were given the chance to meet you again. I would hug you tightly and cry. After that, I will simply say. I miss you.

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