What’s wrong?

Where did I go wrong? Why did you suddenly ignore my text? Why didn’t you reply text? What did I do? I understand you’re old and I’m like 12 years younger than you but don’t do this to me. You talk about life to me and then suddenly you go away like that? You know how upset I am?

This is bullshit. You are such a moron. And to that indian guy, you’re such a mother fucker who should exist. DIE you moronic.


So basically I uninstalled my twitter and instagram from my phone. I don’t really delete my account because I just cant really fully get rid of it because they do contain few good memories in it.

I can’t uninstalled my facebook because it already installed permanently in my phone.

The purpose of getting rid of this social media from my phone because I have become addicted to it and I need to take a break from all this social media thing.

I tweet almost everything I see. When I say everything, it totally means everything.

When I see people post stuff or pictures in instagram I do sometimes get pretty much jealous of what they have and I don’t want these to affect me for not being appreciative of what I have now.

So basically for now, I will be more active in tumblr because this is where I post things that truly comes from my mind.


I guess we shouldn’t expect too much from someone because we will end being disappointed with ourselves. In life, we should just stick to reality and just be surprised with whatever is gonna come next. We shouldn’t be waiting for anyone is that person doesn’t even consider us in their life. Basically, focus about yourself in life and just go with it.

Too much expectation leads huge disappointment.

I did not realised…I guess?

So all this while were you giving me signals that you are actually interested with me or are you just being friendly? because when I tried to start a conversation with you, your reply is like for the sake of reply. Okay dude, if you did try to give me signals and I was not aware of it, I am so sorry to take thins long to realise it.

I like this Guy.

I like this friend of mine. I can say he is quite good looking and also a good person. However, he seems to like someone else which I don’t know. The fact that I actually like him out of sudden seems to scare me instead.

I mean for my own opinion to like someone, I don’t need a reason because if you like someone then it means you like him.

But then I realised, he have his own life, his own friends, his own crush and here I am just fantasizing about being his girlfriend.

I could say it is better to remain as a friend because things may get ugly if I took the risk to tell him I like him. #AWKWARD

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